For Uploaders:

Only upload resources that you created. No glory stealing. Don't upload anything you don't want other people to use. Once you publish it on PicPng, it can be downloaded and used by pretty much anyone. If you have special usage terms for your resources (i.e., not wanting them published in certain publications, or at all for that matter), please use our Creative Commons Licensing for each file you upload. When you attach this license users will be able to see how you allow or desire your creations to be used. With the Creative Commons License each, artist can specify if they only allow for personal use or limited use in publications or advertisements, etc. For example, many users allow such use with their license as long as credit is placed back to their name or website (please give credit where it is due). You can also put your terms and allowances in a README text file that is included with the download to let users know again the kind of use you allow. If your terms are broken, it is your responsibility to take action and contact the offender–PicPng is not a legal authority and cannot act upon overstepped boundaries. Users, please abide by each artist's license and desires. PicPng holds no responsibility for the use of the brushes once they are downloaded–we only offer the space and community for uploading/ downloading. On occasion, PicPng is contacted by publishers wanting to publish certain outstanding resources. If your License allows this, PicPng will do its best to contact you to ask your permission to allow publishing and will always demand credit given back to you, the artist.

For downloaders:

Abide by each Creative Commons License for the files you download–they are often not the same, so read each license carefully and/or follow the terms as stated in the README file attached to the downloaded resources. Don't be a jerk and make some poor artist try to track you down and sue you for your Vespa. PicPng will not be held responsible for the uses of any resource. PicPng does not and cannot monitor the use of resources before or after they are published on the site. If you really want to make some friends, contact the creators of the resources you use. We'd even encourage you to show them how and where you use the resources. Most of them will be pumped to see their creations at work.

For commenters:

The PicPng Team reserves the right to delete any and all spam or otherwise useless comments. The comments will be monitored, and removal will be done at the discretion of the webmaster. So keep it clean, and keep your comments and/or criticisms constructive, not destructive. Do not post links to things irrelevant to the work of PicPng and its users. However, users, also note that URLs and links left in comments are not the responsibility or PicPng. Click at your own risk.

For Everyone:

Here's the deal. When it comes to graphics and resources, our role as rule makers or rule enforcers is limited. If you upload/download/comment, know you take full responsibility for your actions. We are a site that provides a place for artists to create and exchange cool stuff. We're not buying your stuff. We're not selling your stuff. We are a playground where uploaders and downloaders can get together, share ideas and enhance the designs of pros and amateurs alike.

So play nice, have fun, share your resources, and keep on creating!

the PicPng Team