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Commandments Moses Hebrew
Caesar Dictator Famous General
Archimedes History Antique
John A Macdonald Prime Minister
Country Hungary History Mid
Zamenhof Esperanto Pictures Guy
Lamassu Assyrian Diety
Medicine Man Tribe Amazon
King Tut Tut Tutankhamun Tux
Country Hungary History Mid
Princess Isabella Of Braganza
Archimedes Lever Quarryman
Horus Behdety Winged Disc
Thomas Jefferson President
History Textbook Bookmark Blue
Indian Shield Blason Indien
Moses Bulrushes Judaism Jewish
Leopoldina Habsburg Empress
Trojan Horse Appearance Trojan
Al-Khwarizmi Mathematical
Augustus Caesar Claudius Emperor
Native American Indian Maiden
Diogenes Of Sinope
Benito Perez Galdos Writer