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Stamp Stamp Postage Letter Post Card
Animals Animals Tree Shovel Hole Dirt
Girl Girl Eskimo Female Young Arctic
Apple Apple Fruit Crabapple
Plant Herb Nature Plant Flower
Fake Fake Fake News Media Laptop
Clock Alarm Clock Ringing Sleep
Down Escalator Down Transport Level
Matches Multiplication Mathematics
5 5 View
Fir-tree Fir-tree branch
Pokemon Pokemon Ball Pokemon Go
Car Automotive Car Checkered Finish
Beach Beach Parasol Holiday Sea
Dancing Dancing People Happy Standing
Book Book Fat Encyclopedia Huge
Flamingo Flamingo image
Face Face Head Silhouette
Formula 1 Benetton F1 Formula 1
Cross Cross Heraldic Heraldry
Esoteric Esoteric Metaphysical Occult
Boxing gloves Boxing gloves image
Key Figure Key
Board Boarder Board Boy Fun Happy